8 Tips On Mobile Marketing

A quick survey shows that virtually everyone living in Singapore carries a smartphone. In fact, nowadays, even school going kids have their own mobile communication gadgets! One of the latest research shows that there are over 4 million unique mobile users in Singapore. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand that customers are increasing using their mobile gadgets/devices to connect to businesses of all kinds, sizes, and shapes. That means, if you optimize your mobile website and present your products for sale using the online platform, then you are more likely to improve your turn over sales.

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As a matter of fact, most people living in Singapore are quickly moving to online sales and purchasing at a rate that shows no significant signs of slowing down. As more and more people prefer using their mobile devices to connect with buyers and sellers, it leaves marketers with no choice, but to improve their marketing efforts to meet the ever-increasing online customers. In other words, the culture of communication has changed drastically, and marketers need to understand how their prospective buyers or customers prefer to communicate. Whether it is text, video, email, social, coupons, and many more, the truth of the matter is that is the online mobile marketing is heading to an unchartered territory. In other words, marketers need to know that if their brands presenting for sale via online media is not smart enough, it could potentially be ruining the brand as well as the customers.

Well, it is very possible that entrepreneurs miss a mark in connecting with customers because their mobile marketing strategy is worrying and full of pitfalls, perhaps the online marketer missed some few critical components. However, there are eight key tips and components for effective mobile strategies that you need to think about before you start embarking on a mobile marketing initiative. Remember, if any of the below mentioned tips are off the mark, there are high chances that are going to fail to connect with your esteemed customers and probably, you might even push them further away from the conversation! Without further ado, the following are the top eight tips on mobile marketing:

#1. Find the right mobile marketing partner
Absolutely, finding the right mobile partner is the backbone to the success of mobile marketing. Inherently, hiring an agency that lacks the expertise to do the job is nothing worse that poor decision and a complete failure concerning online marketing. The tip here is that, you need to get the right mobile company that understands and have proper strategies to mobile marketing and technologies. In addition, you need to consider hiring a mobile partner that has a robust team of customer centric service providers. 

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#2. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and act like an intelligent brand
One of the common mistakes in matters related to marketing is to allow your mobile marketing to have a negative impact on your sales. Indeed, you need to make sure that this does not happen at any given time; it is highly advisable that you take the advantage of your available data sets. This information is vital since it will help you to understand your customer. In most cases, you are supposed to be communicating to them via their mobile devices in a manner that is precise, excites, and engages them to drive an effort to make a purchase. In general, the tip here is that you act like an intelligent brand as you think like a customer. 

#3. Assess your readiness before embarking on mobile marketing
Before you spend your money in mobile marketing, you need provide a reasonable answer to this question,” are you ready for mobile marketing?” Remember, there is reason whatsoever for driving customers or clients to your mobile brand (whether it is your mobile app or website) if you are not in a position to create an outstanding mobile experience for the customer. In other words, knowing exactly what you want from online marketing options and the objectives for your mobile marketing campaigns helps building strategic marketing plans.

#4. Launch a user-friendly mobile app for your website
As stated in the introductory section, hundreds and thousands of people are using smartphones on a daily basis. Ideally, most businesses in Singapore have a live website where customers and markets meet to make a purchase and/or sales. Customers find it quite daunting if they visit your website and realize that the site is not optimized for mobile devices. The punch line here is that, a successful mobile marketing strategy requires user-friendly mobile apps. 

#5. Keep your mobile site easy and simple to navigate
Coming up with a mobile app for your business website is not enough, you need to go a little further and make sure that mobile site is highly navigable. Indeed, mobile users are best targeted with the help of simple mobile apps that has a simple call to actions presented in a way that is easy to navigate. Remember, you risk losing a potential customer if you mobile app takes more than ten seconds to load! 

#6. Share relevant contents on mobile apps
Constant communications to customers is inevitable if you need to create an awareness of a new product, price reduction, or any other changes that relates marketing. At any time, you need to share relevant information about your brand. Otherwise, irrelevant content are quite annoying and can lead to loss of revenue in terms of poor sales.

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#7. Engage your online customers
Mobile marketing is all about having a direct communication with your customers. However, this cannot be achieved if there is nothing driving them to your online mobile app. Nowadays, offering discounts and coupons are some of the best options that calls for action for the customer’s side. Indeed, flash sales and other incentives make your mobile marketing live and real.

#8. Avoid poor timing of communication 
If you need to stay relevant in your communication with your customers, you need to pay attention to the timing of communication. Whether it is a social post, an email, or a text message, considering on the perfect time to share the information is crucial. A text message delivered at dinnertime informing customers of a lunch special is just one of few examples of poor communication timing.


The above are some the best tips on mobile marketing. Indeed, most successful online marketers are those who actively engage in mobile marketing. The punch line here is that you need to apply some of the above tips if you need to remain relevant amount mobile users. 


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