8 Ways Mobile App Can Grow Your Business

In today’s business environment, technology is at the heart of every kind of business; it has impacted both the business and the customers. Today it is imperative for a business to have a mobile app as it would have desirable impacts on the business. The need for an organization to have a mobile app can’t be overlooked, today customers are searching products, services and information on their smartphones and furthermore purchasing those goods and services on their smartphones. The number of smartphones being bought is increasing every day making it even more important for business to have a mobile as it means more customers will be using their mobile devices to consumer services and failing to invest in a mobile app missing that the business will be missing a very big portion of consumers who will be using mobile devices to consume goods and services. In this article, some of the ways mobile apps can help grow your business are outlined, although not all of them, they give a clear indication how important it is to have a mobile app for your business.

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8 ways a mobile app can help grow your business.

1. Helping the business gain competitive advantage
Today’s business environment is characterized by stiff competition among brands and organizations, most of this competition is attributed to technology and digital marketing. Having a mobile app is taking your business closer to your customers, when your customers install your business mobile app on their smartphones it means that the customer gets to see your brand's logo now and then, and he/she knows that your services are a click away, in such a scenario the customers will feel your presence wherever they are and whenever they want to purchase products in your line, they will surely give preference to you. When customers give preference to your business, it puts you a step ahead of the competition, a competitive advantage. Business having a competitive edge is one way of guaranteeing its existence in future as it can compete well in the market.

2. Creation of stronger brands
By having your business logo or a product logo on consumer’s smartphone will lead to your brand/company being positioned on consumers mind in such a way that whenever the consumer thinks of product related to your brand, he/she remembers your product/services. This will help grow your business as it means customers purchase from your business time and again (repeat purchase), it will contribute to retaining the current customers loyal to your brand. Strong brand help businesses make more sales as well as create loyal customers; this is a necessity to grow your business, without strong brand then competition might wipe your business out.

3. Enhancing B2C (business to consumer) communication
Communication is an indispensable tool for any business, it is what keeps the business alive, the ability to communicate with the customers, knowing their problems and getting the feedback then acting following the customer information. The communication between the business and the customers help the business make the products or offer services the way customers like best, the end results to this is satisfied and loyal customers. A mobile app will help your business achieve this as with a few click a customer can communicate to the business and the business can communicate back via the app, mobile app helps the business maintain real-time communication between the business and the customers.

Mobile App

4. Offering better customer services
With a mobile app, the business can maintain 24/7 contact with the customers, unlike the business which is only open for a few hours, a mobile app will enable effective service to customers for 24 hours all week.

The business can achieve a whole new level of convenience, and customers can purchase goods from the business from anywhere at any time. The customers will not have to walk to the store to check if particular products are in stock the purchase it, with mobile app all the customer has to do is, go to their smartphones, compare the prices of different products and then palace and order of the product they like. The kind of convenience brought about by the mobile apps will facilitate the growth of the business by availing a way for the business to reach customers and offer what they need with the high level of convenience.

5. Mobile app can be used as a marketing tool
Digital marketing has earned its place in the world of business, ignoring digital marketing is leaving your business to be wiped out by competition. Mobile app help to promote your brands, drive traffic to your website and achieve better search engine ranking results, integrating social media with the business app as well as enabling users to share content and market your brand on your behalf. A mobile app is a valuable resource when marketing your brands as even the users will help in the marketing process through sharing and research shows that customers will tend to trust information coming from a friend rather than information coming from an advertiser. Marketing is one sure way to grow your business and a mobile app will help you achieve that.

6. A wider market reach
The number of people using mobile devices is rising every day, the number of devices in the market is already too huge and having a mobile app will help reach this population. In Singapore, a large percentage of traffic on the web is coming from mobile devices; this means that the number of consumers with smartphones is too large, and it is the role of the business to do all it can to reach this population. A mobile app enables the business to reach these customers and hence reach a wider market and the outcome to this is that the business continues to grow.

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7. Custom products and personalized services
Mobile apps have opened door to effective communication between customers and the business, today a customer can use a mobile app to order food that has an exact combination of ingredients, apart from food customers are able to order goods with unique specification using the services made available by mobile apps, this helps the businesses grow by giving customers exactly what they want.

8. Increased revenue
When the business has a mobile app, the chances are that it will reach more customers, have a competitive advantage and market its brands to a larger customer base and the likelihood of these customers taking actions and purchasing from the business are increased enabling the business to grow both in size and financially.

The above are ways in which mobile apps have helped business grow over the last few years. If you are considering investing in a mobile business app, it is worth your resources and time.


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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
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