5 Tips On How To Create The Best Mobile Application

Ever since Google announced websites ranking would be Mobile first dependent, the mobile app development has not been the same. Most businesses now begin with creating a mobile app, which later helps create a suitable website. Additionally, a smart company will capitalize on the current statistics that favor smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Application

Designing an app is not a very easy task considering the competition in app creation. Numerous businesses are offering almost the same apps on the app store. It is no surprise; there are new apps every 2 minutes. Unfortunately, users are very selective and pay attention to details. Some of the features are a buildup of the tips we are going to share.

One of the most important factors to consider above all is your market or consumers and their preference. Also, observe and scrutinize the market niche.

Steps to consider when making an app

There are no short cuts to be a pro app creator. It is following the guidelines and pay attention to the little things that give you an edge in the app development process. Some of the “little big things” that matter to the best app creators are:

Capitalize on the basics

There cannot be enough emphasis on the subject of basics. A good programmer will ensure all the cores have no issues. Some of the most important basics are what the user meets for the first time. Always ensure that you optimize for both small and large screens. More precisely, always keep the UI elements consistent. To achieve this, at least begin with the small screen and later focus on the large screen.

Additionally, do not employ too many animations. Animations make the page load slower than when they are absent. Moreover, the navigation bar should have a design that makes the operations on the app more accessible. In other words, avoid a complicated navigation key. Again, add a human element to the app. The animations keep the user entertained and having a used-to’ environment.

Allocate a task per screen

This technique helps the user achieve the most out of your app. It leaves the user satisfied since they do not spend so much time thinking about multiple objectives on a page. Additionally, as a programmer, you understand that the screens are too small for numerous tasks. It is good practice to design a job per screen for the smallest screen. Most of the commonly used apps pay attention to this principle. Moreover, this practice enables you to make future changes on the code comfortably.

Perform a 60 seconds thumb test

Studies show that most people will use their thumb to perform tasks on their mobile device. The design should accommodate the average size of the thumb. Additionally, the less used controls can be far from reach. On the other hand, place the frequently used controls within reach. It is preferable to add a human element for the user to get the controls quickly.

Essential UI principles

The UI principles are a significant boost to a perfect app when followed to the latter. These basics guide you through the massive chunks of data. Always make the user process intuitive to the point that the users spend the least time possible. Additionally, ensure your tasks are consistent. Every click should be a build up to avoid annoying your users. Again, always bear in mind that your users only want to access your services and not jargons. Make sure that every activity is familiar to the user. If it a new idea, ensure that you keep it as simple as possible regardless of how difficult the concept is. Also, define the primary, secondary, and tertiary color of the app. Most importantly, keep enough white space around your elements.

Mobile Application

Use signifiers

Employing signifiers instills a sense of familiarity. Signifiers hint at affordance. Affordance is the concept that allows the programmer to comprehend how the human mind relates to technology wholly. Visual, pattern, symbolic, and language affordance are the most common affordance. Symbolic affordance is the icon you meet and help you manage the app with ease.

In conclusion, the best way to achieve a great app is to pay attention to consumer preferences regarding your product. As much as these tips are guidelines to a perfect app, also perform research and analysis that will draw you closer to your users’ needs that the app solves.

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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
Stan Toh (@bsolute)
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Your one stop solution for all types of Mobile Apps Development

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