6 Ways Mobile App Development Can Help Contractors

Contractors who wish to survive and grow in today’s competitive business environment should seriously consider harnessing the power of mobile apps. Singapore consumers have readily adopted smart phones and tablets and show no decrease in their huge appetite for exciting mobile content that is delivered on mobile-friendly.

This means without well-innovated and designed mobile apps for business, contractors can find it very difficult to mark their presence in your potential customer’s mobile screens. Many contractors in Singapore have realised this and are now increasingly turning to mobile app development to reach out to consumers and make that important connection.

6 Ways Mobile App Development Can Help Contractors

Mobile application development enables contractors to expand their businesses and enhance customer loyalty. Many Singaporeans are becoming increasingly reliant on their smart devices. They want to remain connected to the internet, in part because they want to stay connected to the service providers and businesses they patronise. With quality, relevant mobile apps, contractors can meet the needs of customers and maximise their profit potential.

There are quite a few proven ways in which contractors can benefit from mobile app development. We’ll go through a few of them here, but by no means is this list complete.

1. Strong and Memorable Branding

Creating branded apps with the company’s logo and/or slogan enables contractors to prominently display their brand images on customers’ mobile screens. This can do wonders for their brand. This is because it allows customers to constantly interact with their brand, making them their number one choice whenever they need their service. This gives contractors who utilize mobile app development a definite advantage against their competitors. A creative, well-designed app that is visually appealing also has the potential to go viral. By developing a mobile app that offers some sort of appeal or entertainment that inspires customers to share it with others, contractors could benefit greatly from the widespread brand exposure created by a viral app.

2. Enhanced Customer Service Experience

Mobile app development allows contractors to create tools (apps) that can double the customer experience. For example, contractor business owners could create an app that can make it simpler and more efficient for their customers to get in touch with their customer service and support desk. Such a mobile application interface could include a feature that allows people to contact customer service 24/7 and without necessarily going to the company’s website. This could make customers’ lives much easier and provide a value-add to the service being offered.

3. Product and Service Promotions

Mobile application development allows contractors to create apps that double as valuable marketing tools to push notifications about a company’s upcoming events and promotions, including available discounts, coupons, and other offers. Thanks to push notifications, contractors can reach out to their customers in real time and keep them updated about the latest news, events, product launches and special deals. They can also tie in mobile apps with their service and push notifications that alert customers to available services. Contractors that want to undertake successful promotional campaigns need to approach clients on a one-to-one basis, and mobile app development can help them achieve this goal.

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4. Location-Based Marketing

As well as boosting your corporate branding and overall reputation, mobile apps provide one of the best location-based marketing tools. Mobile application development allows contractors take advantage of the latest in GPS and geo-targeting technology to reach out to customers as they enter a specific area where they have a store or are promoting special deals. By leveraging detailed information gathered from client behaviour via their mobile devices’ GPS, contractors can make more enticing and successful promotional offers, resulting in more successful customer interactions.

5. Increased Customer Royalty

Mobile application development can provide a contractor business with the tools needed to keep customers coming back for more services, which is essential for growth. Mobile applications that are designed to keep the customer experience easy to navigate, versatile, and user friendly can provide just the perfect tool to create and build customer royalty. Contractors can also integrate a royalty program into an app to boost customer retention by encouraging customers to perform certain actions that will enable them to realise a special reward, such as a coupon, discount, or a special deal. This will not only produce happy return customers, but also generate a profitable word-of-mouth campaign around the brand.

6. Increased Revenues and Profits

Mobile apps allow contractors to provide their customers with well-timed content that truly matters to them. This, in turn, makes them to respond with trust, loyalty, and positive word of mouth, which of course, leads to increased leads, sales revenues and ultimately boosts profits. When properly integrated into contractor business operations, mobile apps create a more compelling and satisfying experience for customers, which ultimately results in long lasting relationships. By having a good relationship with many customers, contractors get to enjoy unlimited potential for additional sales, free word-of-mouth publicity, and long-term, loyal customers who are invaluable to business success.

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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
Stan Toh (@bsolute)
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