Where Can I Find Wechat Type Of App Developer?

Wechat is a text and voice messaging service that was developed by the Chinese company Tencent. Since its launch in 2011, the mobile Wechat app has grown to become the largest messaging app in terms of monthly subscription. This is not surprising considering the app became an instant hit in one of the most populous countries in the world. However, this does not mean that the app is only used in China. To date, the over 70 million active users outside China are a true testament to the immense popularity of this application.

App Developer?

The developers of the Wechat app designed it to be exclusively used on mobile phones. It can therefore run on all the major mobile phone operating systems which include android, iOS, windows phone, Blackberry OS and even symbian. Wechat also has a web-based version which requires one to first install the app on their device in order to make use of the service. After downloading the application, users need to then register the app on their device through either their Facebook account or their phone number. It is clear the almost instant popularity of the app is a major reason why someone would want to have a Wechat type of app developer to make them their own version of the app.

What a Wechat type of app developer would include in the app

The immense popularity that the Wechat app has received is because it offers a low-cost and efficient means of communicating with fellow app users. Therefore, a Wechat type of app should offer the following features:

1. Text messaging

The text messaging service offered on a Wechat type app should be similar to that offered by most other online messaging services. This service involves the transmission of text messages over the internet. The speed at which the messages are transmitted makes it possible to have instantaneous communication. This is why the transmission of text over the internet is better known as instant messaging. Instant messaging is the most popular mode of communication for the over 450 million Wechat users.

1. Voice messaging

The voice messaging service offered by Wechat is somehow synonymous to the radio call service used by emergency and security services. It therefore follows that a Wechat type app will approach voice messaging in a similar manner. The app works in a very interesting manner. In order to transmit a voice message, the service has to record the voice message, convert it into a digital format and then transmit it over the internet to the recipient. The Wechat-type app user has to then pause as the message is transmitted to the recipient and for the duration prior to receiving a response. The recipient has to also wait in a similar manner. This mode of communication is better defined as hold-to-talk voice messaging.

2. Broadcast messaging
Offering broadcast messaging on a Wechat type app will make it possible to send one single message to a multitude of recipients. As with text messaging, the sent message will be transmitted over the internet which makes it easier to deliver the message to multiple recipients with the least possible cost. This type of texting is popular among work colleagues, college and high school students. It is also a powerful marketing tool through which many businesses get to promote their product through the use of text campaigns. It is also a valuable tool in the dissemination of information to a multitude of people.

3. Photo and video sharing

As with the texting, broadcast messaging and voice messaging, the Wechat app offers the ability to send photos and video over internet to fellow Wechat users. This is also another service offered by the app that is very popular with its users. This makes the feature mandatory for the wechat type app.

App Developer?

Important guidelines to finding a Wechat type app developer

Once someone knows exactly what they desires in a Wechat type of app, the final step is to actually hire a developer to make the app. Finding an app developer is not a problem if one makes use of the numerous app development sites. However, this is not just a matter of getting someone to build your Wechat type like app for you. There are a number of guidelines that a user should follow in order to make sure that they get the best developer for the job:

• The developer who is picked should have an actual interest in the creation of the app. This will ensure that the developer puts their best into the app as well as offering useful suggestions.

• The developer should be experienced in making beautiful user interfaces with their applications. Therefore the developer should be able to offer examples of their past work.

• When selecting a developer don’t just opt for the developer offering the least price. Chances are a low price will translate to a low quality product. Instead look for someone who is competent and has something to show for the price they are asking.

• The developer that is picked should be someone who is also familiar with the design of the layout on the user interface. It is important to note that if the Wechat type app is not appealing to users, it will not even receive a fraction of the success of the Wechat app.

Some sites offering Wechat type app developers

The numbers of sites offering the services of mobile app developers are indeed numerous which makes it difficult to determine exactly which sites to trust. However, it is important to know that by visiting numerous sites and following the guidelines above it should be possible to get the right person for the job. Here are a few sites to start with that are indeed reliable: ,, , and . These sites should offer reliable leads to the right developer for making the best Wechat type app. If someone is serious about having an app that will even get a fraction of the success, then money should not be an issue.

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