How To Find A Reliable Mobile App Designer?

If your business does not already have a mobile app, you are missing out on a superb opportunity to tap into new customers and new revenue streams. Tablets and smartphones have increasingly become part of modern consumers. In fact, the use of mobile apps today exceeds half of all the time spent on digital media. Furthermore, about 42 percent of all mobile sales by the leading companies came from mobile apps while 91 percent of all online buyers use their smartphone during the initial research stage. The time people use on smartphones has also tremendously increased over the last few years.

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The remarkable penetration of smartphones in Singapore has forced small and medium businesses to rethink their business strategies by going mobile. Going mobile has helped small and medium businesses to keep up with mobile trends that put them on the same playing field as the big competitors and thus, you cannot afford to be left behind. If you are still not sure, the following statistics will help you understand why you need to find a reliable mobile designer.

Today, almost 58 percent of employees already use text messages for business in Singapore while 83 percent agree that the use of mobile helps to create a positive impact on productivity. It is also important to note that about 91 percent of smartphone users use their phone to research products while 94 percent of smartphone users use their phone to search local information. Moreover, about 7.35 percent of the population only use their smartphones to access the internet.

Furthermore, having a mobile application is very beneficial to small businesses especially in helping the business build a relationship with the customers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that getting a mobile app up and running without the necessary skills and experience can very daunting. The best way to overcome this challenge is to hire a reliable mobile app designer. A reliable mobile app designer will help you design a mobile app that is distinct from your competitors and that features an SEO friendly design with refined details to ensure consistent brand identity.

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Tips to help you choose a reliable mobile app designer

The ideal mobile app developer should be interested in your business

When choosing a mobile app developer, it is essential to ensure that the developer has a keen interest on your business. For example, if you run a restaurant, you should choose a developer with a keen interest in helping you develop an app that will make your business unique. To achieve this objective, the ideal developer must first understand the ideas, goals, and mission of your business. Once the developer understands the idea behind your business, he or she should then give ideas on how to make the app more attractive and overall useful to the users.

The designer should have the ideal platform know-how

One of the critical decisions that you must make is choosing the right platform for your app. The main mobile apps platform include Android, iOS and Windows. The right platform will depend on the smartphones mostly used by your customers. When choosing a mobile app designer, it is important to note that majority usually develop apps for one platform, but you can also find developers able to develop apps for all three platforms.

Should have the ideal technology know-how

Which technology would you like the app to be developed with? Would you like a native or a hybrid mobile apps? It is important to note that different platforms have different languages and thus, you should scrutinize the designer to ensure he or she understands the language that you prefer.

Should have a good portfolio

You do not need a mobile app designer who will develop an app that will require regular maintenance and updates, which will be costly to maintain. Instead, the right designer should be well versed with programming complex apps. When scrutinizing the designer portfolio, you should look out to ensure that the apps have a user interface that helps them stand out among other apps.

Reliable Mobile App Designer

Should have a good reputation

Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell who designed a specific app mainly because the app is the property of the business or company that paid for it to be developed. To overcome this challenge, you must ask the contacts of the previous clients from the designer. If the previous clients are satisfied, you should expect quality from the designer. However, if the designer is not willing to divulge contacts of the past clients, that should be a red flag.

Should have good communication and customer relations skills

You will need to communicate with the designer on a regular basis and thus, it is necessary to ensure there will be no communication breakdown. The right designer should be able to explain the process in a clear manner without the use of jargons. The designer should also respect your ideas.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a mobile app designer

It is important to note that there are a million apps in the app stores and thus unless your app is highly attractive, it may not be noticed by the users. You should also remember that hiring the wrong mobile app designer will result in the development of an ineffective mobile application that will fail to attract and hold customers and thus, you should avoid the common mistakes that business owners make, which result in unsuccessful mobile apps.

The major mistake that you must avoid is hiring a mobile application designer based on advertisements and discounts. You should note that advertisements are created to help attract clients and thus, they might be exaggerated. Furthermore, choosing a developer because of the discounts and affordability may result in the development of a less quality application. Choosing a designer based on the price will result in your business hiring an inexperienced developer, which will result in design or other critical problems.
The other mistake that you must avoid is hiring a designer who primarily focuses on coding. You should note that a good mobile app designer has a holistic way of looking at your project mainly because all aspects of the app play an important role towards the success of the app. The ideal developer should understand that the design and usability elements are as important as the functionality of the app. Furthermore,

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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
Stan Toh (@bsolute)
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Your one stop solution for all types of Mobile Apps Development

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