How To Create Your Own Mobile App?

If you are looking to reach your target competition easier and get in touch with the thousands of new customers who would presumably want to get a hold of your products, then a mobile app is the perfect solution. No reputable business can survive nowadays without a dedicated mobile app, especially since more and more customers are currently making the transition from bulky devices to the slimmer and more fashionable tablets and smartphones. With this in mind, now it's the perfect time to consider a mobile app for your business. But how to create one?

Before you start

Contrary to what most people believe, you need to think about marketing strategy quite some time before creating the app. You must understand your customers' needs and actually put yourself into their "skin" in order to see whether the app is good or not. Here are some basic steps to take into account.

How to create my own mobile app?

1. Select several important keywords

To sell a successful application, you must understand what keywords matters. Keyword term has many meanings in the world applications, but on a general level, we think you should represent the key word term that the client will use in order to recognize what the application can do. For example, the keyword for a game of Sudoku, will be "sudoku," as long as a keyword for computer will be "computer." These are lite examples, but it may be that for some applications, the keywords are not so obvious.

Keyword generation programs that MobileDevHQ's and AppCod competitor will make your job easier by telling you which keywords are most frequently used applications between your application and your competitors. You will look and how often these keywords are searched through app stores.

Keyword selection for your application is mandatory for successful marketing strategy that you implement for your application.

2. Choose a proper name

It seems obvious but it is not. The name of the application can help it in marketing or do it harm. Your application name must unique, memorable, yet it must include keywords seek by potential customers. Name of the application has a very important role in her search. Before you select the name of the application, make sure you choice not violate any law - otherwise your application may be rejected entirely the application store where you want to market.

4. Find your competitors

After you've decided on keywords you can start looking at competitors. Which one holds the top applications from search keywords chosen by you, the store where you want to commercialize your application? What other keywords have they used?

Create your own mobile application

5. Choose an appropriate category

Surprisingly, your application category management is a science in its entirety. Because Celemi are influenced by many top downloads store where you want to market the application, it is important to opt for a category which will propel application as above top of the category you chose.

Reality is that those categories will never be equal. For example, social category will generate more downloads as opposed to the category that refers to the lifestyle. As a result, your application will climb very difficult social category (as it will compete with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and so on and then in the category that refers to it.

6. Create a formidable icon

Icon of your application counts! The first and most important thing to know, icon showing the scope of the application, defines style while being first interaction that will be applied to your customers. Create a formidable icon for visitors to click on it after I see all search results for them. The icon should be supported by as many devices. In this way, the one to download, will interact more with your application.

The funny part about icons: Apple will not include any application until they believe that design and what icons transmit them will not match the criteria. That should spur you to create your most formidable icon to catch directly at first.

7. Do some screenshots

Screenshots are essential for increasing the appeal of your application. You should take several of them and ensure they are high quality enough as to be proudly displayed on your website or in the specific application store.

Additionally, if you can't handle well designing mobile apps in a program, then you can always resort to custom design services provided by experts.

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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
Stan Toh (@bsolute)
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