How To Choose The Right IOS App Developer?

The iPhone app store is not only a competitive marketplace but is also a vibrant digital platform that is constantly evolving. Success in developing apps only comes after coming up with a thoughtful strategy that must delight its users. As an IOS app developer in Singapore, you need to be able to come up with compelling artwork that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
The smartphone war has been evident ever since the various mobile Operating Systems were introduced. However, the genius design of the iPhone has placed the Apple among the top tech companies. What you need to know is that Singapore has the largest penetration of the iPhone in the whole world that approximates to almost 54%. With these statistics at hand, it is a noble idea to hire the right IOS app developer who can get the job done effectively.

How To Choose The Right IOS App Developer?

Below is a list of what to look out for in a potential IOS app developer:

• Take a look at their portfolio

Regardless of whether you are hiring a company or a freelancer, you need to know how proficient they are in what they do. Take a quick look at their portfolio which will show you how many apps they have created. You do not necessarily have to be an expert in this field, but you can simply get an idea of the work they have done. This way, you will be able to determine if the person or company can do justice to your app.There are distinct things that you can look out for that will go a long way in helping you make a choice. You will notice that some developers are eager to show you their accomplishments. They should show you the links to real projects that they have done or at least played a significant role in its development.

• Get to know their past clients

There is no sure way of determining who actually developed the apps that a potential IOS app developer has showed to you. Previous clientele of these people will be able to verify if that information is indeed correct. You can go even further to inquire from these clients about their experience with the developer. Ask questions bordering on responsiveness, results and the general workmanship. For instance, you can ask if the developer delivered the said project on time or within the agreed budget. Do not forget to visit their online profiles and check the customer feedback.

• What phone is the developer using?

This may sound ridiculous, but it is an important factor to remember. If someone is specialized in developing apps for the iOS, then it is only logical that they should be using an iPhone, or at least be in possession of one. The aspect you are trying to observe here is how passionate the developer is on the apps that they have developed, since the same apps will be running on an iPhone device.

• How can you monetize my app?

The endgame for your app is to develop money. The developers should be able to come up with several options as to how revenue can be generated by the use of your app. An insightful designer will come up with clever features that can achieve this primary goal. There are two options that you can exploit to monetize your app. You can make the app a pay per download at a fee depending the features in it. The other alternative would be for you to offer the app for free but integrate ads into it. Either way, the IOS app developer candidate should be in a position to advise you accordingly.

• Communication

How will we communicate? How often will the progress report be availed? Good communication makes work easy for both of you. Further, success is realized if you regularly convey your ideas on time throughout the development process. Communication needs to be back and forth so that the app design is in line with your vision. The phone, skype, email and task management software all make for good communication tools.

How To Choose The Right IOS App Developer?

• Are there any other special features?

Besides the fact that an app is developed to perform a specific purpose for which it is designed, it must have some special characteristics that will entice its users. Your app will not catch the attention of the users if it does not have something out of the ordinary that is truly innovative. Things such as gaming are no longer done offline. Get features such as 3-D gaming, sharing via social media and others intuitive add-ins that the users look for.

• Ownership

Any app that you develop is a goldmine in itself. Typically, the financier or the developer can claim ownership to the app once it is complete. If you commission an app, then you should liaise with the law department responsible for app developers in Singapore so that you become the sole copyright owner. Ownership agreements are beneficial in ascertaining that the app developed was work made on hire terms, should there be any dispute. Also, the document dictates that you will be the owner of the source code, app design, and any other content.

• How will be the app be tested?

Simply put, the app should be tested on the iPhone. A simulator is available so that you can test on various versions of the iOS. You need to get a thorough explanation detailing the results of the beta test from the IOS app developer that you will choose. This process weeds out any glitches that might occur. If there are any bugs, how quickly can they get fixed?

• How will the submission process be done?

The last step in developing an iOS app is submitting it to the app store. This is a long process that needs completion of several requirements for it to be successful. If your developer has been doing this for long, then they should be able to go easily about the submission process.

• What are the payments?

After agreeing on a price, you need to be tactful on how you make the payment. You can pay hourly or just opt for a flat one-time fee. It is highly advisable that you pay as the development process is ongoing. Some developers will ask for an upfront fee then you clear the balance once the project is completed. Analyze the situation and then make a choice that suits both of you conveniently. The complexity of the app that you are developing is a major determining factor in settling on a price.
Keep in mind that your choice of an IOS app developer will make or break your dreams. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable in order to make informed decisions.

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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
Stan Toh (@bsolute)
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