6 Important Function Of A Mobile App

In the recent years, mobile phones have developed and become advanced to allow users to install programs or software. The software which helps in functioning of the Smartphone is simply known as Applications or Apps. Those who design them are known as Developers and are professionals who come up with Apps which help mobile users solve their daily needs or make their lives more comfortable by use of the installed Apps. Some applications are designed to be used within specific regions while others are compatible globally. There are many functions of the mobile apps and for easy look at them they can be categorized into six functions as follows;

6 Important Function Of A Mobile App

M-Banking Apps

These are applications used to access financial services or institutions through the mobile phone. Applications such as DBS Banking will let the user access their bank account from their phone. They have the advantage of using their cash while away from their country. Another example with the same function is the AXS Payment Apps. This application lets users pay bills, fines and top up their phone credit at the comfort of their location.

Apps for showing direction

Apps which have this function are integrated with the GPS technology to locate the location of the user. The phone uses the satellite network and displays the actual location of the phone that has the application installed. The location finders are very useful to drivers when driving in big cities where it is difficult to find direction. A visitor to a new city can also find such applications useful. The GPS technology is also used to track the movement of individuals. Police and other security authority can easily track and locate the movement and position of criminals through their mobile phones. Mobile apps have in this case been used to function as tracking devices.

Apps for media sharing such as videos and photos

There are applications such as the popular Instagram which are used to share pictures. The Apps require that the user to download, register and share picture with ease. Another good example is the popular YouTube Apps used to share and watch videos.

News apps

These are Apps mostly owned by media companies. Their function is to distribute news and and other media resources. They free to download and the apps owners get revenue from the advertisements that appear alongside the news.

6 Important Function Of A Mobile App

Entertainment; Radio and games

An example of such a Mobile App is iTunes which enable users to create a playlist, listen, and share it with other users. Most of this category of apps have limited access and require user to pay to access more functions. Entertainment mobile apps are accessible by global. The advantage of apps in this category is that they serve both as entertainment and social functions.

Online Shopping

These are mobile apps which have the function of enabling the user to shop online. However the mobile app will require that the phone be connected to the internet so that one can access the online store. These types of Apps have to be secured to protect users from hackers who can access their banking payments and transact on their behalf. It is therefore to be cautious when using this category of mobile apps.


This category is the most popular with Smartphone users. Socializing is said to update us on what is happening in our environment. We get to communicate with other people online and instantly. This apps are customized to enable every user have an identity which can represent them in the “online world”.

It can get difficult for Smart phone users to choose the correct or the best mobile apps to use. That is where some developers came up with apps, which are specifically used to review other apps. They then give recommendations to the user. A good example of these apps is the APP visor. It simply tells the user which apps suitable for use in their current location or which to use as an alternative when they have travelled out of their countries.

As a Smart phone user, they are millions of applications to use. Each one of them is unique in its own way although they share similarities. To be get the best out of your apps functions, it advisable to read other users’ review and know their terms of use. By this action, you will be safe and choose applications that functions to serve you better.

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We create a mobile, iPad application for our aircon business. They completed the app within 1 month. This app certainly saved us  time, money, resources and cuts down waiting time for our technicians. Keep up the good work guys!
Stan Toh (@bsolute)
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